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Support Ontario Farmers was formed to bring together small local Ontario farmers who share the philosophy of raising livestock in a humane and environmentally conscious manner without the use of artificial hormones or antibiotics. Family farmers need your support, now that large agribusiness dominates food production in Canada. Small family farms have a hard time competing in the marketplace. Buying directly from farmers gives them a better return for their produce and gives them a fighting chance in today’s globalized economy. With over 15 family farms scattered throughout Ontario we are a growing co-operative each and every year.

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Our chicken farms are family run operations in which the chickens are free to roam and enjoy fresh country air with plenty of sunlight. Our breeds are White Rock, broiler cockerals and pullets which are raised without antibiotics and the fed consists of vitamins, minerals, pro-biotics and vegetable grains. No growth proponents are added to the feed or water.

Our beef farmers raise mostly Certified Black Angus which primarily feed on grass in open fields and in the winter months are supplemented with organic hay when retreating to heated barns from the cold Ontario winters. Our farmers believe in stress-free conditions which eliminating the need for antibiotics or growth hormones. This is not just a tasty treat, it also ensures you have perfect AAA marbling for maximum flavour and tenderness.

Pigs are playful creatures, therefore our farmers give them plenty of space to play around which is accomplished in a stress free environment. They are fed a diet of vegetarian-based grains with no growth accelerants or antibiotics that are commonly used in finishing the animals.

We proudly offer local and drug-free meats.

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Support Ontario Farmers want people to try locally sourced: Beef, Chicken, Pork and Salmon across Canada. In this day and age the average family is always on the run and often doesn’t have time for a proper, tasty, nutritious meal. The link will take you to the online store.  Along with the sample we offer more information about the farms and our product, as well as the benefits of buying directly from local, organic, free-range farms.

Support Ontario Farmers today and taste the difference!

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Why is buying local important?

We believe there are countless reasons to buy local. Choosing local foods help create jobs and supports economic growth in Ontario. It also builds a strong sense of community by supporting local businesses. Every time you buy local, you make a positive impact in your community. Ontario farmers take pride in being good stewards of the land, helping to preserve it for future generations. Buying local also means your food comes from closer to home, and the closer, the fresher!

What Does AAA Grading Mean?

Grading is a quality designation based on several characteristics, including marbling( fat visible in the meat) The top Canadian Grade is Canada Prime, found mainly at high end restaurants. In our program only AAA beef products are used. This makes foods affordable without sacrificing tenderness and flavour. In stores the most commonly grade is Canada AA or A which can result in tough and flavourless beef cuts.

What is the difference between grain-fed and grass-fed?

All beef can be defined as “grass fed” as long as the cattle spend the majority of their lives eating grass. However, it is when the animal is the final stage that makes it different. Those that are grain finished are fed a mixture of grain to their diets for about 4-6 months. This gives it the sweet Ontario taste that we all enjoy. Those that are truly grass fed consume only a diet of grass which result in less marbling(fat) and for some a very unique taste.  There is much debate over the benefits of grain finished or grass finished beef. No matter what your choice is, it’s important to know that all Canadian beef is nutritious and should be part of a balanced diet.

How can I purchase meats from your co-op of farmers?

Simply by requesting a free sample and we will send a Farm Ambassador to your home. We take the time to look at what you are eating, how much you spend on food, and how our program can make eating affordable through our network of farms. This is a free service, with no cost or obligation which is paid by our co-op of farmers.

Where are your farms located?

Throughout Ontario, but the majority of our farms are located in North Middlesex, Norfolk, and Durham Regions.

What is aging beef and how long do you age it?

Our butchers undertake a 21- 28 day aging process to consistently ensure that our beef will be supremely tender and flavourful. Aging significantly improves the tenderness of the beef by allowing naturally occurring enzymes to break down the muscle fibers resulting in extremely tender beef.

Does your food have food-dyes?

No, we stay away from any form of artificial dyes or preservatives.

Is there any quality control before and/or after the animals are processed for human consumption?

Yes!  All processing is done at government inspected plants and all products must be approved by the CFIA(Canada Food Inspection Agency) for proper nutritional information.

What type of farms to you promote?

Our philosophy of humane treatment of the animals without the use of added growth hormones or antibiotics is why we have the best family farms in Ontario.

What’s the difference between water-chilled and air-chilled chicken?

Water-chilled chicken accounts for the majority of chicken products sold in Ontario. While  being processed, the chickens are quickly cooled down all together in an immense tub of ice-cold, chlorinated water. This conventional method is quick and efficient, however there are some drawbacks. With this process, the added moisture accounts for 2-12% of the chicken’s total weight. Since chicken products are sold per pound, this means that you are paying extra for this added water. This also dilutes the natural flavour of the chicken. So when you see water at the bottom of pre-packaged chicken tray,  it’s not juices but the  communal bath water. If any of the chickens in the big communal bath are infected with bacteria, the water makes it easy for all the birds to catch the pathogens and then pass them onto your dinner table. Finally, if any of the chickens in the big communal bath are infected with bacteria, the water makes it easy for all the birds to catch the pathogens and then pass them onto your dinner table.

Air-chilled is slower and less efficient, and these chickens will cost more as you may know.  However there are many benefits. Once processed, the chickens are cooled down with cold air. They are individually hung and passed through a series of refrigerated chambers over a period of several hours, which cools them down slowly and on an independent basis. This cooling  process is more effective with tenderizing, and no water dilution means more natural chicken flavour.

Air-chilled chicken features a crispier skin after cooking. With no added water in the bird to pay for, the chickens cook more quickly and yield higher amounts of meat. This method creates far less water waste, and the individually chilling process inhibits the spread of bacteria from raw chicken.

Do your meats contain nitrates?

We do not add any artificial nitrates to our meats, however, some of our smoked meats contain naturally occurred nitrates.

What is Factory Farming and why is it harmful?

Factory farms or are where large numbers of livestock are raised indoors in conditions intended to maximize production. large agribusinesses have steadily driven down the price farmers receive for the livestock forcing small farmers to get big or get out. Small farms have been replaced by factory farms that pollute nearby air and water, undermine rural economies and reduce the quality of life for neighbours.

For the consumer, it leaves fewer choices and makes them pay more for meat and dairy products, not to mention the increase risk of pathogens such as  E. coli and salmonella that cause food-borne illness in people. Food-borne illness isn’t the only health threat from factory farms. Overuse of antibiotics can fuel the growth of antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

The use of arsenic and growth hormones can increase the risk of cancer in people and crowded conditions can be a breeding ground for disease. Animals on factory farms have no access to the outdoors, fresh air or natural light, thus resulting in frequent health problems.


If you want to advertise your farm here, have questions or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to reach out – we’d love to hear from you!

Local organic meat delivery

Below are links to companies and farms we recommend

Papa Earth
Papa Earth is a meat delivery service who sources meat from local farmers and also offers wild caught fish. They have a box service available throughout Canada with free delivery within Ontario and Quebec. It’s the best Canadian butcher box service available and you can order online from their online store. They also offer bulk meat orders with free delivery within certain parts of Ontario. Grass-fed beef, AAA beef, Ontario Pork, Free Run & Pasture Raised Chicken, Grass-fed Bison, Ontario Lamb & Goat and Wild Caught Fish are all products available. For first time customers they offer a 10% discount on their boxes with code: FIRST10

Fenwood Farm
Fenwood Farm is a chicken farm who specializes in organic chicken which is certified by Pro-Cert. Their chicken has access to the outdoors, are fed a non-gmo grains diet and are 100% air chilled. The best way to support Fenwood Farm is to visit their farm shop in Ancaster and purchase from them directly. Apart from chicken they offer Grass-fed Beef and Heritage Pork.

Parkhill Meats
Parkhill Meats is a certified halal meat processing plant in Parkhill. They follow the official and traditional regulations when it comes to the halal slaughtering. If you are looking for halal meat this is the place to be. They offer a variety of meat in their storefront: Beef, Lamb, Goat and Chicken.

Gallery on the Farm
Gallery on the Farm specializes in certified organic beef. Their beef is certified by Pro-Cert so  you know they follow the most strict regulations. You can support Gallery on the Farm by ordering meat from their farm store in Hampton. If you don’t live in the area, their certified organic beef is also available at the Papa Earth web shop here.

Papa Earth Meats

Online ordering to your door.

Fenwood Farm

Spencer Farms

Jarvis, Ontario

Parkhill Meats

Gallery on the Farm

Certified Organic Beef