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Bulk Meat Orders

Bulk Meat Orders are by definition the best way to stack up, beat rising food costs and simply the most economical way of purchasing anything including meat and fish. A great tool to determine if a bulk order is right for you is the Bulk Meat Order Checklist.

The most important points on the bulk meat order checklist are:

1 – Transparent prices
2 – Sourcing transparency
3 – Proper packaging
4- Delivery fees
5- Certification labels
6 – Option to try it out in a smaller batch
7- Freezer
8 – Warranties
9 – Contracts & financing
10 – Watch out for Tacky marketing promotions

Papa Earth provides the best bulk orders in Canada with an easy order process, free delivery (in Ontario and Quebec), transparent pricing and great customer service.

build your Bulk Meat Order

Coupon Codes:

BULKBACON    10lb free bacon with the purchase of a bulk order of $1495 and up.


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